Monday, June 29, 2015

a little update.

Little update (curious, click below for more).

Tomorrow is my last day of school. These last few weeks were very hectic. In my study I have to get 45 out of 60 points in the first year, if not I have to leave this school. Now I have lost 10 points just because I read an email wrongly and so I didn’t sign up for the second chance of two tests. I wasn’t allowed to participate in those two tests anymore…

There was a test I did sign up for and that test I need to pass to get those 45 points. Now I’m just waiting for the results. If I did not pass it, I have a little chance to remake it in the end of the holiday this summer. Unfortunately we have already booked our vacation exactly in that period. Please send me some luck so I don’t need to cancel my holiday.

Some good news: I got my driving license. I was very nervous as I am always very nervous with important things. But the exam went great and I got it first try!

Here in Holland there are a lot of festivals in the summer. There are some really expensive ones but also a few that are free. This Sunday there was a free festival in Den Hague. Nico and Vinz also performed there. I went there with two friends and luckily it was nice weather. The only sad thing is that we don’t live near to a train station, so we had to travel for two hours.

A few weeks ago I participated with two friends in the colour run in Amsterdam. It wasn't about being the fastest but about having fun! After the run there was a little party. At the end everyone took the train back home all colourful.

I also subscribed to a monthly beauty box. I discovered this new hype recently and I was very curious. But unfortunately a lot of subscriptions I saw were overseas and I didn’t want to deal with shipping costs. I have found one from Holland which I will share with you soon.

Tell something about you! Do you go to festivals, are you subscribed to a monthly beauty box and which one, do you already have holiday? I like to know more about you! ♥

Dare to dream, dare to grow, dare to be. 


  1. Loved your article! The color run must be so fun, there is one in Paris but unfortunately I couldn't participate this year. Hopefully, I'll get to do it next year. Do you live in Amsterdam ? I'm going there on holidays in August. Can't wait to discover this city! I love festivals, there are many festivals in Paris every year, I'm currently in Morocco so I missed some of them but I'll definitely go to a festival this summer. We also have free festivals, I think it's cool for people who can't afford it. I'm not subscribed to any beauty box but I was thinking about it, just have to find the right one. I'm on holidays since a week, I'm in Morocco enjoying the sun, I love it here. What are you doing on holidays ? Are you traveling ? Have a nice day, xo :)

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! ♥
      I don't live in Amsterdam but I have been there couple of times. It's really pretty there! I live in a little town near Utrecht. Utrecht is also very nice, I study there.
      Have a nice time in Morocco and of course Amsterdam. (: