Friday, January 29, 2016

NEW IN: H&M BEAUTY | Lipstick Seashell - Eyeshadow Avalon - Blush Cameo Pink

Hey everyone

My h&m order arrived in which I also put some beauty items!

I just recently found out h&m now also makes beauty products. Many people were so enthusiastic about them and they are in a reasonable price range so there my research began. After days of watching and reading reviews I finally made a decision on what to get.

I couldn’t wait to show you so today I made the pictures and tested them out. Is it time to expand your make-up collection? Yes it is.

First of: packaging.

For the price you cannot expect first-class packaging but I do think h&m did a great job. They kept it simple and classy.

The product also comes in a little box on which is a colour-strip. Be aware that the actual colour does not always equal to that. So if you are in the store and they only display the boxes (I don’t know if they do it like that, I couldn’t find a store that display the beauty products here in Holland) please open them and look inside to know for sure that you like what you see. Especially the colour-strip of my blush was totally different!

With the blush it looks like a mirror belonged in the cap but again, if there was one: the price would also increase.

While we are talking about the blush let’s start reviewing it first.

I needed a colour like this in my collection. It is not too pink and not too brown, I love it! The pigment isn’t extremely strong but that also prevents unwanted excessive powdering. This blush is called Cameo Pink.

Next is this gorgeous eyeshadow. Again I was searching for a colour that was really unique. My eye fell on this pretty colour called Avalon, I think I did a great job! 

The pigmentation is great and it is very shimmery. I did notice some fall-out but maybe using this product with a wet brush is also possible.

And last but definitely not least is this lipstick. While I was doing my research I noticed the colours on the site differ so much from what it actually looks like in video's! So it’s important to search some pics/video's from the shade you want before ordering it, just to make sure.
I am mostly all about mattes but this one cached my eye. I looove the texture, it is so creamy but still very pigmented. 

In the tube it looks a bit more pink then it does on my lips so I wanted to include a pic while I was wearing it. That way you can see how it may look on you if you have the same skin tone as me.

Swatches of all of the products, with flash.
Lipstick Seashell - Eyeshadow Avalon - Blush Cameo Pink

I hope you liked todays blogpost!

Dare to dream, Dare to grow, Dare to be. 


  1. I've yet to try their beauty range but all I've heard is good things, the lipstick shade looks so pretty x

  2. Ahh de oogschaduw en lipstick zien er echt pretty uit!