Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Since I am very busy with school these days, I like to also take some time off and relax. One of my favourite ways to do that is by watching some shows on Netlix. Who doesn’t?
Why not help each other out with some nice suggestions?
My favourite shows are…

The Blacklist.
It’s about a big criminal, Reddington, who wants to help the police to haunt down some of the most dangerous criminals. But only if working exclusively with Elizabeth and for immunity from prosecution.

Once upon a Time.
When Emma Swan enters the village Story Brooke, she does not know all the people there are actually fairy tale characters and are controlled by a curse to the 'normal' world. Time stands still and only Emma can save everyone.
This is basically an adult version of fairy tales but even if you aren’t that fond of fairy tales, I’m sure you’ll like it!

Teen Wolf.
This show is not what you expect from the title. Yes it’s about teen-wolffs and all but don’t expect an easy teen-show, you know? Normally I haaate scary things but one way or another this show keeps me wanting to watch more. It isn’t only scary, it has a great story line and is also very funny. It’s very addictive, so watch out haha! And not to forget, some pretty awesome people play in it. *cough*Dylan*cough*..

Modern Family.
When I just want to watch something easy and quick, this is my go-to show. It is hilarious! This family is very diverse which makes is recognizable for everyone.

Now, I really want to know: What are YOUR favourite shows?

Dare to dream, Dare to grow, Dare to be.


  1. I loveee scream queens but i'm starting to watch teen wolf now as my mate always talks about it! lovely post xxxx

    1. I am sure you are going to like it a lot! I will take a look at scream queens thanks! ♥

  2. I'm totally in love with Teen Wolf and I'm so excited about season 5b !!! xx

    1. Me too, I am almost done with season 4 ♥

  3. mijn ouders kijken nu toevallig blacklist! heb het nog nooit gezien maar hun vinden het geweldig haha. ik vind supernatural en the walking dead heel leuk!

    1. Ik zou zeker een keertje mee kijken! Dankjewel voor je tips, die zet ik ook op m'n lijstje. ♥

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