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Deauty Box | June '15

Hey lovely people! ♥

As some of you may know, I subscribed to a monthly beauty box. I discovered this new hype recently and I was very curious. But unfortunately a lot of subscriptions I saw were overseas and I didn’t want to deal with shipping costs. I have found one from Holland, you can find it on www.deauty.nl.
A few days ago I received my first beautybox! I was very happy to see it. This is the box for the month June (while it’s July).

Now I will talk a bit about the products that were inside.

YVES ROCHER – MAXI SUNSPRAY SPF 30 (full size and worth €30,00)
This sun spray will protect you against UVA and UVB rays. I really like the packaging, it looks so summer-y! Another good thing is the spray head.

UNANI – DERMO DEFENSE FACE MIST (full size and worth €16,00)
I have never tried a face mist before, but I really like this one. It has this fresh scent and gives a refreshing feeling. This spray will balance the pH of your skin. It comes in handy when it’s hot like now in the summer, or on those stress-days. But also because it is moisturizing.
UPDATE: people with sensitive skin, please do not use this or be careful with it. The second time I used the spray my face turned red and felt burningly hot and puffy. Strange thing is, the first time I used this spray there was not a problem at all!  (http://unani.es/home)

KUESHI – VITALITY SKIN CREAM (30 ml and worth €27,65)
This cream has an anti-aging factor and an SPF of 15. I have read that using an anti-aging cream on an younger age will prevent wrinkles when you’re older. But I don’t know if I agree with that. When you give your skin a certain product day after day, I get the feeling your skin will get used to it and won’t produce it itself. I think when you’re young you do
n’t need a lot of extras on the skin, when you’re older it is alright because it will need it.
You will only need a little bit of this cream because it smears really well. It feels refreshing and not greasy, it absorbs into the skin nicely. 

SO SUSAN COSMETICS – COLOUR HYBRID (full size and worth €18,95)
The packaging really catches my eye. It also came in a little box with the same print. The mouse is highly pigmented and stays on for a long time so don’t a kind of lipgloss. You can build up the colour from a warm hot-pink to a cherry-red. It starts out shiny but turns into a matte finish.
As for the cheeks, you will need a tiny dot and smear it out really well.
Little side note: it is cruelty free!      (http://sosusan.com/en/)

MOA – THE GREEN BALM (15 ml, travel size and worth €5,95)
This is a wonder balm. It will help: calm down eczema, psoriasis and minor rashes,      heal minor cuts, grazes, blisters, bruises and burns,        soothe insect bites and stings,               treat chapped, weathered lips and coldsore,    soothe a sore throat and nostrils,            combat athlete's foot,         calm inflamed skin after shaving, waxing or threading,        fade scarring or stretch marks after pregnancy,           soothe new tattoos or piercings, whilst helping to avoid infection,                        moisturise, soften and nourish dry hands, nails and cuticles,             remove eye-make-up and to cleanse your skin.
I will have to discover if this all is true, but if it is this is truly a miracle balm!     (http://www.moa.london/)

UNANI – (8 ml, sample size)
IL LUMINATE CREAM: Luminosity & Uniformity treatment.
ABSOLUTE CARE CREAM: Moisturizing treatment.
DERMO DEFENSE CREAM: Sensitive Skin treatment.
TIME CUTE CREAM: Anti-Aging treatment.

I really liked this box! It contained a whole lot of products including 3 full size ones. So it was worth €98,55 while it only costed me €15,00. How do they make money, I don’t know but I’m very happy! The thing I don’t like (besides the reaction on the facemist) is this: I wanted to search for more information about the samples from Unani. When I finally found their site, I was stuck at the homepage. Information as ingredients or an online shop for this brand is nowhere to be found. Does anyone knows where I can find information about products from Unani, or repurchase them?

Dare to dream, Dare to be, Dare to grow. 

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