Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mother´s Day Gift Ideas.

Hello everybody!

Mother’s day is coming up and we all want to bring our moms in the spotlight don’t we? In this blogpost I want to give you some ideas of what you can give your mother on this special day.

Bake her some cupcakes! Don’t forget to add a personal touch. Here is some inspiration:

What will always do the trick is some pretty flowers with a sweet card. Tell her why you love her and take a moment to thank her. Maybe write your own little poem?

Make her breakfast! Be creative and create your own hand made coffee/tea mug. Here are some examples.

Moms love lush too! Lush created some boxes with a great selection of lush products. 

Mother´s day isn´t about how big your gift is, or how much it is worth. Your mom will be happy with everything as long as you just show your love.
Share your ideas! 

Dare to dream, dare to grow, dare to be.