Wednesday, November 25, 2015


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The skin is the biggest organ of your body. It only makes sense that it will need good care. The first skin to show if you are taking good care of it, is your face. So why not help it a bit?

It’s important to clean your face every morning and night. Even if you haven’t worn any make-up all day, still do. The air outside has a lot of dirt in it which can get in your pores and cause pimples.

Do you get pimples mostly around the mouth area? It’s probably because of eating something oily of because you rested your head on your hand. Again, the dirt on your hands can clog your pores.

Personally I like to clean my skin with only water. This is the most natural way to do. When I like to give my skin an extra clean-boost I will exfoliate it using facial scrub.

When your skin is dry you may want to try out a serum. This nourishes the skin very well. When your skin isn’t dry at all you can use it just as a treatment once a week or so.

You can also use makeup to enhance the glow, highlighter for example. Apply some on the cheekbones. For a natural effect, don’t use too much.

The best tip I can give is: 

Drink lots of water. It will moisturize your skin from the inside.

This blogpost is based on personal experience and information I have gained through diverse sources.

 Dare to dream, Dare to grow, Dare to be.

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